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Our goal is to inspire people and brighten lives with quick fixes and lifestyle ideas that would make life so much easier. From repurposing old furniture and creating seasonal decorations to updating shoes or clothes and customizing jewelry, discover DIY projects that draw out your creativity while saving you those precious dollars on new products.


Latest Posts

A Lifestyle for Mental Health: What to Consider

Emily StevensSep 11, 20236 min read

Mental health is a critical aspect of overall well-being, affected by lifestyle choices such as self-care activities. Mindfulness practices like meditation and journaling help reduce stress and improve emotional resilience.…

Less Is More – Minimalist Fashion Tips

Emily StevensJul 12, 20234 min read

Invest in quality basics and a neutral color palette for minimalism. You can add pops of color and interest with muted shades. Choose timeless pieces like black ankle boots, a…

5 Tips to Live a Happier Life

Emily StevensMay 12, 20234 min read

Take time to meet new people and make new friends. Find a hobby that will bring you happiness. Take time for yourself — a spa day, take a trip, watch…


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