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Contemporary Crafts Market is an online publication dedicated to providing you with lifestyle ideas, DIY guides and hacks as well as in-depth information about arts and crafts.

What We Do

Our goal is to inspire people and brighten lives with quick fixes and lifestyle ideas that would make life so much easier. From repurposing old furniture and creating seasonal decorations to updating shoes or clothes and customizing jewelry, discover DIY projects that draw out your creativity while saving you those precious dollars on new products.

We’re a well-rounded lifestyle website that aims to provide you with more than DIY fixes.

Expect educational and engaging articles that inspire you to turn creative pursuits into a good business or, at the very least, bring you added income.

What to Expect from Contemporary Crafts Market

Our editorial team comes from a community of dedicated, passionate craftsmakers, DIYers — creative people who love sharing their knowledge and skills. So our content is a good mix of easy-to-follow tutorials, inventive listicles, in-depth guides and inspirational articles that are perfect for those new to DIY and those who have been at it for a long while.

We provide you with those ideas as well as guidelines to make it easier for you to explore any project to your heart’s desires.

Tons of Creative Ideas

Our mission is to help you get the best information. If you’re like us, a home with a dedicated space for crafting or just the beginnings of a DIY space, come and explore Contemporary Crafts Market.


People Behind Our Site

Dominique Michel
Dominique Michel

Dominique is a writer, editor and publicist immersed in the world of arts and crafts. She writes regularly for fashion, lifestyle and DIY blogs. She’s also a part-time Ikea hacker, redesigning accessories and furniture.

Eleanor Silva
Eleanor Silva

Elle is an editor for Contemporary Crafts Market. She has years of experience working in advertising, marketing and events. She’s passionate about planning unforgettable parties (and knows her way around handcrafted party favors), baking and interior design.

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